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Putting away sufficient funds for your retirement while maintaining your company’s benefit budget can be a difficult balancing act.


Download our cash balance plan checklist to see if a cash balance defined benefit plan would be a good fit for your business.


Your retirement plan is a critical part of your benefits package. At First Western Trust, we help you gain the freedom to focus on your organization, your goals, and your employees through our comprehensive retirement plan consulting, independent investment advice, and fiduciary risk management.

With over 60 combined years of retirement experience, our team understands how your business model and your goals connect, allowing us to customize a solution for your individual needs. As a plan fiduciary, we manage your personal and business risk and keep a close eye on plan operations.

Our diligent reviews of your plan’s performance ensure that it provides the maximum value to your organization. Our investment oversight leverages the strength of our experienced Investment Policy Committee to effectively meet your investment goals.

Your employees further benefit from our educational plan. Our presentations, webinars, and economic reviews equip your employees with the tools they need to understand their benefits, cope with market volatility, and improve their savings rate so that they can successfully reach their retirement goals.

As a named fiduciary, First Western’s retirement plan services include:

  • Fiduciary Liability Management
    • Named fiduciary
    • Investment Policy Statement management
    • Education to Plan Sponsors on Fiduciary duties
    • Investment Opportunity Optimization
    • Investment Policy Statement
    • Investment options
    • Diversification
    • Periodic review
    • Suggested replacements for underperforming funds
    • Managed Models
  • Dynamic Plan Design
    • ERISA plan benchmarking
    • Plan design and analysis
    • Vendor search
    • Cost and service analysis
    • Implementation coordination

Learn more about some of our creative planning solutions by reading about Cash Balance Plans.