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Supporting the greater good.

At First Western Trust, we know it makes a difference to partner with a bank that recognizes your unique value and customizes solutions for your organization. To fulfill your mission, you need partners in the community that recognize the important work you do. To sustain your organization, you need a strong financial strategy backed by a solid banking platform. First Western’s Treasury Management team will help you find the services that are right for your organization, including our customized nonprofit checking account and nonprofit credit card. We also provide a sponsorship package, offered in partnership with MaxGiving, which empowers nonprofits with the tools for more effective fundraising.

Nonprofit Checking Services

Each month, you receive 150 free transactions, including:

  • RDC deposits
  • Online transfers
  • ACH credits/debits
  • Checks paid
  • Point of sale purchases
  • Deposits

Furthermore, your company earns interest on deposits with our competitive rate and has real-time access to your accounts through our complimentary business internet banking services.

Our checking account serves as a great solution for many nonprofits, providing flexibility in your transaction options and accessibility through online banking. Based on your organization’s specific needs, we will work with you to identify if any further treasury management services could improve your financial platform.

Nonprofit Credit Card Services

To help you efficiently manage your organization’s spending, we offer the CommUNITY card. This procurement card merges your employees’ accounts onto a single platform. Through an online portal, you have real-time knowledge of expenses, allowing for improved forecasting and detailed transaction histories.

You can also select merchant categories to specify where your team can make purchases in order to protect against unapproved transactions. As a part of this service, you gain access to the Visa Liability Waiver program, which protects against card misuse for up to $100,000. Your company’s financials determine if you qualify for secured, unsecured, or pre-funded cards.

Through our tailored approach and market-leading earnings credit rate, First Western Trust helps nonprofits of all sizes customize business banking accounts to increase efficiencies in the back office. That way, you can focus on what’s most important: your mission.

Nonprofit Fundraising Solutions

At First Western, we are deeply connected to our community and committed to helping it thrive. We believe that a financially healthy charitable sector is essential to community growth and success. Our sponsorship package, offered in partnership with MaxGiving, empowers nonprofits with the tools for more effective fundraising. Through this sponsorship, nonprofits receive the technology and support to revitalize special events and online donations and improve their overall efficiency.

Special Events

Get the technology for simple and sophisticated event management. This includes everything your organization needs to obtain and store information, accept payments, and create a memorable, rewarding experience for eventgoers.

  • Online registration and ticketing
  • Express payments
  • Secure credit card terminals
Donation Portals

Through custom-designed donation portals and powerful data capture, your donors have 24-access to make both one-time and recurring donations.

  • Designed to match the brand
  • Comprehensive reporting
Auction Tracker

Whether online or in an event hall, a well-executed auction is a fun and effective way to fund a good cause. Auction Tracker will help you solicit auction items, track items and bidders, and capture powerful data to streamline auction fundraisers year after year.

  • Live and silent auction support
  • Online auction website

Additional Support for Your Nonprofit

Our wealth planning advisors are available to help you better manage your organization and more effectively tell your story. In addition to our business checking services, we work with you to support:

  • Investment Management: Our investment management team can help your nonprofit more effectively manage your money.
  • Treasury Management: Nonprofits are businesses too, and it is important to manage your bank accounts to ensure that you are collecting and disbursing funds efficiently.
  • Employee Benefits & Retirement Services: You care about supporting your employees, just as you care about giving back to the community. Our retirement services team can design 403(b) plans as well as other creative retirement strategies to support your employees.

To reach our team and learn how we can assist with your nonprofit banking needs, fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in contact with you shortly.