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With growing concerns about how to save for healthcare in retirement, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are becoming increasingly popular vehicles to support both an individual’s long-term goals as well as a company’s.

In the past, HSAs have largely been held as simple savings accounts, but now, there are more options to invest these savings to help HSAs grow along with the market.

At First Western Trust, our experienced Retirement Consulting team partners with businesses and individuals to provide investment advice to help you achieve your goals.

How It Works

Our health savings accounts are held and administered by Health Savings Administrators. This company serves as the HSA administrator and manages the distribution of statements, disclosures, and debit cards.

Our Retirement Consulting team serves as the investment advisor for the HSAs. We charge an advisory fee and provide asset allocation strategies, evaluate the performance of the funds, and make changes as appropriate to support our clients’ financial goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our HSA advisory services for your business please fill out the form below.

If you have questions about your HSA account please call 888.858.2739.

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HSA Investment Advice

For Businesses

As an organization, one of your top priorities is to attract and retain great employees, and your benefits package is a key element of this goal. Companies typically have a benefits budget that they can allocate across retirement plans, healthcare plans, culture, and other services, and HSAs are becoming an important benefit to provide to your employees to help them have a successful retirement.

To support your employees, our Retirement Consulting team offers investment advisory services for your HSAs to support their healthcare expenses today and in retirement.

For Individuals

HSAs are great tools to support your personal long-term retirement goals and provide greater peace of mind about medical expenses both today and when you retire. Unlike Flexible Savings Accounts, your HSA savings carry over year over year, and they belong to you, not your company. That means, even if you leave your organization, your HSA goes with you.

We provide investment advisory services for your HSA, leveraging the expertise of our Investment Policy Committee. Through our investment services, your HSA can start to earn market returns, which helps to grow your account and provide greater savings for your healthcare when you need it most.

The Benefits of Our HSA Investment Advisory Services

Our Retirement Consulting team has more than 100 years of combined experience providing independent, unbiased consulting services, and brings creativity to help companies design a benefits program that truly incentivizes and supports their employees. With our HSA offering, our Retirement Consulting team provides a number of benefits to both companies and individuals:

For Businesses

  • Maximize your company’s benefits budget by leveraging our Retirement Consulting team’s expertise in HSA investment advisory, defined contribution and defined benefit plans, and creative plan design.
  • Leverage the investment expertise of First Western Trust’s Retirement Consulting team as well as our investment research team and Investment Policy Committee.
  • Recruit and retain great employees with an impressive benefits package.
  • Help your employees feel empowered to retire through strong education programs provided by the Retirement Consulting team and our ability to invest HSAs from $1.

For Individuals

  • Increase your healthcare funds in retirement by leveraging your HSA and investing the funds rather than letting them sit in low-return savings accounts.
  • Grow your HSAs with our ability to invest with the very first dollar put into your account. At many institutions, there is a $1,000 minimum investment, so this is a unique benefit we provide.
  • Gain peace of mind, knowing that you have the support of an experienced Retirement Consulting team that can help you maximize your funds in retirement.

If you’re interested in learning more about our HSA advisory services for your business please fill out the form below.

If you have questions about your HSA account please call 888.858.2739.

Investment and insurance products and services are not a deposit, are not FDIC insured, are not insured by any federal government agency, are not guaranteed by the bank, and may go down in value.

*Neither asset allocation, nor diversification guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. They are methods used to help manage investment risk.