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Washington Update- Paula Hendrickson

New President elect Donald Trump is the topic of many conversations with our clients and plan participants.  We thought it appropriate to have a Washington focused newsletter.  I was in Washington a couple of months ago visiting our Congress men and women and as always, retirement was a hot topic.   The newly passed Conflict of Interest Regulation was among one of the most controversial and highly debated subjects.   Will this be something that President elect Trump focuses on?  We will have to wait and see, but for our team, it is business as usual.  We have always had you, our clients and your employees ‘best interest’ in mind when providing our fiduciary services.

The other big question with the election behind us is, ‘how do I invest my 401(k) assets going forward’?   Debbie Silversmith, our Chief Investment Officer, provided insight into this question two weeks ago on our quarterly Economic Update & Market Review Webinar.  Included in this newsletter is a chart that provides a historical perspective on the markets under different Parties.  We have also provided a link for you and your employees to review the webinar.  The bottom line is it is best to remain diversified and have an appropriate asset allocation based upon your own circumstances and not make changes based upon who is in office.

Lastly, we will continue to see some changes to the retirement regulations as there are many proposals making their way through Congress.  The most recent updates on the limits are included in the newsletter and we will continue to keep you updated on changes to the regulations.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season.  We are thankful for your continued confidence in our Retirement Team and all of First Western Trust.

Warmest Regards,