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Being the best private bank for the western wealth management client means we understand life is not just about a tactical transaction – a loan or an investment product; it’s about establishing a complete plan to help you achieve your goals, feel confident in your future, and excited to embrace new challenges on the horizon.

The statistics show women control over half of the personal wealth in our country. Women are influencers and decision makers. In fact, nearly all women will be their family’s primary financial decision maker at some point in their life. This is on top of overseeing their family’s well-being. Common issues like age, health and retirement are on their minds, but so too are outliving a spouse, philanthropy and the financial success of the next generation.

Over time, our firm has attracted female talent from around the country. Nearly half of our executive team is comprised of women. We have women leaders directing our Philanthropic Services, Wealth Planning, and Retirement Consulting groups, among our many female portfolio managers, wealth planners, estate planning practitioners, and private bankers. Our executives appreciate and understand the different way women see the world. This led to the creation of the Women & Wealth Series.

The concept behind our Women & Wealth Series was simple: to create a forum where women could gather to explore a wide range of topics that speak to interests beyond financial needs. In addition to boosting financial fitness and providing tips on topics such as starting a business, some of our past events have discussed experiential travel, sustainable home design, health issues for women as they age, and defining a philanthropic path.

The results have been far from average. Started in our Arizona offices, the series has spread across our company where our local women executives have hosted events and workshops that encompass the personal and financial needs and interests of our clients and friends.

With each event and each conversation, our goal is to help broaden our clients’ horizons, foster new ideas and inspire them to achieve their goals…or even dream up new ones.