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Connecting your wealth story.

Private Wealth Management Services

For many high-net-worth individuals, it can be challenging to effectively manage the complexities of your financial world. This can be especially true in the West where much of our wealth is driven by entrepreneurial endeavors.

At First Western Trust, we are uniquely equipped to provide wealth management services for the western wealth management client. Typically, the western wealth management client is a first- or second-generation wealth creator, meaning that they have had an active hand in building their wealth, and they want to continue to be involved in its management.

Our teams are committed to being a partner and advisor to our clients. Rather than simply setting up a bank account, a trust, or an investment portfolio, we work one-on-one with you to ensure that you are part of the wealth planning process. We take the time to educate you on the wealth management solutions that we recommend so that you understand your financial plan and how it will help you achieve your goals.

Wealth Management Solutions

Your financial world is made up of many components. Every investment, real estate holding, trust, or philanthropic endeavor connects. Through our ConnectView process, we look at four dimensions of wealth and put your story at the center:

  • Relational wealth – This focuses on your goals for the people who matter most to you: your family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Experiential wealth – This is about the experiences you have had and want to have: your education travels, hobbies, and career.
  • Spiritual/Ethical wealth – This speaks to the ethics, values, and any spiritual beliefs that have guided you.
  • Financial wealth – This is what many people often think of when they hear the word wealth: your assets, liabilities, and net worth.

By looking at each of your goals for these dimensions of wealth, our wealth management solutions are tailored to help you build a life that allows you to achieve objectives that go far beyond a number on a spreadsheet.

As the many parts of your financial world change, we adjust our wealth planning strategy to help you grow, preserve, and pass on your wealth.

Wealth Management Services

Our private wealth management services give you access to a diverse team of specialists and experts. After we learn about your objectives, our team develops a plan to help you achieve your goals for your family, your business, and yourself. Depending on your needs, our wealth management solutions can include:

After we design the plan, our private wealth management banking team continues to work with you through quarterly and annual reviews, depending on your preferences, to ensure that you remain on track to reach your goals, and as your priorities change, we update your plan to reflect your needs for today and in the future.

Is your financial plan helping you achieve your goals for every area of wealth? Connect with our experts today to discover if our private wealth management services can better support your needs. Fill out the form below or call our main line at 303.531.8100.

Investment and insurance products and services are not a deposit, are not FDIC- insured, are not insured by any federal government agency, are not guaranteed by the bank and may go down in value. First Western Trust Bank cannot provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance on how the information contained within may apply to your specific situation.