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As the Jackson economy grows stronger, so too do our community’s amenities:

  • Our educational systems are among the top performers in the state, with excellent public and private school options.
  • We’ve got a notable core of residents who are high-profile achievers in finance, politics, and the entertainment industry, many of whom have shown a willingness to take on greater and more visible community roles here.
  • Our arts scene is thriving with the Grand Teton Music Festival, the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, and the Jackson Hole Film Festival, as well as several others, growing with each passing year.
  • Our athletic community is awesome, with a broad group of current and former Olympic and extreme sport athletes making Jackson their home.
  • Our philanthropic base is extremely active and growing, supporting dozens and dozens of great causes ranging from the environment and needy families to the arts and community services like search and rescue.
  • We remain a fundamentally – maybe even quintessentially – western town. We’re wide open and accepting, hard working, with a thriving sports and social season.

Jackson Hole Estate Planning and Trust Services Expertise

Add to these cultural benefits a range of financial benefits as well: Wyoming’s traditions of privacy, low taxes, and favorable trust and estate laws have helped create an island of stable refuge for high net worth families in Jackson Hole. We don’t have a state income tax, of course, which represents an enormous difference with California’s 13.3% top rate, or New York City’s 12.7% rate.

Each year in late summer, Jackson Hole becomes a global center for economic policymaking, with the annual Federal Reserve economic conference being held here*.

One of the great benefits of living in Wyoming is that we have trust laws that can help protect a family’s assets for the benefit of future generations. For instance, Wyoming allows a trust to last for 1,000 years, providing greater asset protection and generation-skipping estate tax benefits for families.

We bring a depth of knowledge about these world-class estate planning advantages, with a local focus. Our team is led by Chairman Kay Jones and President Jim Gersack – both of whom are long-time members of the Jackson Hole community.

Your Jackson Hole Trustee Services Provider

If you are in need of a Jackson Hole trust services expert, First Western Trust provides a wide range of expert services, detailed here.

Our trust services areas of expertise include special needs trusts, for families who have a member that is disabled and needs financial stewardship throughout life. We can provide conservatorship and guardianship services for minors and disabled beneficiaries.

We can serve as your corporate trustee for your estate, bringing a high level of professionalism and expertise to manage family dynamics and protect the intentions of your trust.

We also have other expertise we can call upon in our commitment to help you with your estate planning, including investment management and review, tax return preparation with a focus in trusts, for instance.

Selecting your wealth manager is perhaps the most important decision you can make in growing, protecting and distributing your wealth.