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Senior Loan Originator

As a senior loan originator, Mo’s role is to assist the borrower in securing financing for their purchase or refinance transaction. Since the credit environment is at times challenging and not always easy to understand, Mo’s objective is to make sure the borrower is comfortable with the product, term, rate and conditions of the loan. She sets the expectation upfront about the process and what to expect, and is always available to answer questions.

Prior to joining Englewood Mortgage Company in 2012, Mo worked with Chase Bank for 18 years and has been an originator since 1986. She learned by doing FHA/VA loans and working with first time home buyers, where she then expanded her client base and grew into conventional and jumbo loans. She has always loved the process and notes that in being in the business for an extended period of time, you have worked with generations of families requiring all products. In her current role, she enjoys the boutique style of mortgage with the goal of excellent customer service delivered on a personal level.

NMLS #3606061

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Tips for Borrowers

  1. Let the originator know your expectations and what exactly you want the outcome to be.
  2. Pretend the originator is a little mouse on your shoulder and please communicate as we move thru the process, no matter how large or small you may think the details are.
  3. Ask as many questions as you need to. It is a large purchase and not something done often.  It is important to understand.