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What inspires us.

“Art in a business environment speaks to the vitality of the company that collects it, leading to deeper inquisitiveness, to awakened intuitive capacities, and to fresh responses in thinking, feeling and seeing. At First Western Trust, art connects our curiosity to yours.

First Western’s art collection is comprised primarily of works by contemporary artists who live and work in the American West. These men and women are not afraid of the dissonance between the way things are, the way things were, and the way we want them to be. First Western, in its willingness to look beyond predictable, stereotypically romanticized images of the West, participates in that same spirit—a confident mastery of the complexities of the present, grounded in the solid nourishment of the past.”

-Simon Zalkind, Curator

Image of fallen leaves
Image of a cloud over the plains
Image of a floating house
Artist's rendering of the Millennium Bridge in Denver
painting of man falling off bull
Night highway and motel painting thumbnail